Amazing Hindu wedding at Highclere Castle

Anishka is a big Downton Abbey fan so it was no surprise when she and Kesh decided to hold their Hindu wedding ceremony at Highclere Castle, the location for the famous TV series Downton Abbey.

Needless to say, I was very excited about covering a wedding here, especially a Hindu wedding. This was my first Hindu wedding and I was relishing the challenge. Unlike your regular English wedding, The Hindu wedding is made up of a series of events. In Anishka and Kesh’s case, there were 5 events spread over the week. Starting off with the Chunderi and Garba dancing ceremony. Followed by the Civil Ceremony at The order of The Museum of St John.  Then there was the very colourful Mehendi ceremony when the bride and all her friends paint themselves with henna. Later in the week was the main event with the Hindu wedding ceremony and then finally they had a big reception party at Micklefield Hall! 

Fantastic colourful event

They had about 500 guests at each event and although I don’t generally use a second photographer, this was a must for these events. I must say it was hard work, but I had the time of my life. All the guests were very colourful and animated.Needless to say, there were countless photo opportunities. As a rule of thumb, most Indian couples go for a very traditional wedding photographer with loads of posed pictures. Not Anishka and Kesh, though. They loved my very natural style of documentary wedding photography. Yes, we did all the formal shots but the emphasis was on telling the story in a real and authentic way.

You can see a few samples of my photos below. If you’d like to see more samples of my work then just head to my website and click on my wedding portfolio. You can also view my reviews and if you love what you see then feel free to contact me for more details.


Bridesmaid getting ready at Highclere Castle Hindu wedding

Indian bride getting ready for wedding at Highclere castle

Indian bride getting ready

Beautiful henna painted hands of Indian bride

Groom walking in front of Highclere Castle at Hindu wedding

Bride looking in mirror at wedding preparations

Hindu bride puts on colourful wedding dress at Highclere castle

Groom in colourful hindu dress outside Castle

Wedding details at Hindu wedding

Black and white portrait of bride during preparations

Groom attending Indian wedding customs

Bridesmaids waiting for bride at castle wedding

Weddiing guests cheering and waving scarf at Indian wedding

Hindu groom on horse back at Highclere castle

Indian groom on horseback at hindu wedding

Wedding guests cheering in front of Highclere castle

Wedding guests in colourful costumes at Hindu wedding

Wedding guests dancing at indian wedding

Wedding guests dancing at Hindu wedding

Black and white photo of Indian wedding guests dancing

Indian bride in red and gold ascending staircase

Groom and parents enter Hindu ceremony

Groom and best man having blessing at Indian wedding ceremony at Highclere

Groom is hidden by white sheet at Hindu wedding ceremony

Bride enters hindu wedding ceremony at Highclere Castle

Bridesmaids with flowers at Indian wedding ceremony

Groom wearing red flowers looking at bride

Bride and groom looking at eachother at hindu wedding ceremomy

Groom receives red flowers at Highclere Castle

Groom puts flowers around neck of hindu bride at Highclere Castle wedding

Wedding guests watching Indian ceremony

Sisters watching Hindu wedding ceremony

Bride and groom at highclere wedding ceremony

Colourful details from hindu wedding ceremony

Bride and groom share flower petals at Indian wedding ceremony

Bride and groom sprinkle dust on fire at Hindu wedding

Bride and groom standing over fire at Indian wedding

Bride and groom with wedding guests at Indian wedding ceremony

Wedding guests watching bride and groom at wedding ceremony

Uncle receives blessing from holy man at Hindu wedding

Bride hugs grandma in yellow dress

Bride and groom walking on lawn at Highclere Castle

Hindu bride and groom by pillars at Highclere castle

Wedding guests making a selfie

Father says goodbye to his daughter at indian wedding ceremony

Hindu bride in wedding car

Hindu bride and groom in wedding car

Bride and groom leaving wedding in green sports car

Wedding car leaving Highclere Castle

Hindu bride waving from green wedding car with cans trailing