Winter Weddings Gloucestershire & Herefordshire

Winter wedding photography tips for brides and grooms

If you’re planning a winter wedding, it’s a great time of year to bag some bargains! ( with the exception of the days around Christmas and New year ) Suppliers and wedding venues tend to be less booked up in the winter. However, when considering a winter wedding, there are some things you need to consider.

1: Daylight

Might seem pretty obvious, but it’s surprising the number of brides who don’t consider this important factor. During the winter the days are considerably shorter. Often it gets dark as early as 4pm.Hence if you want any photos outside, you should plan your timings carefully. That said when we do have daylight in the winter, especially on sunny days, the light can be beautiful.This is due to the fact that sun is low in the sky, thus adding drama and depth to your wedding photographs. Frosty, snowy or misty days are also a great opportunity to get some cracking images. Even if it rains you can always have fun with some umbrellas!

2: Atmosphere

After the light has faded, this is great opportunity to add a warm winter atomasphere. Be sure to bring out plenty of candles and look for a venue with open fires. Thanks to my canon 5d mark 4 and professional lenses I can get some great shots in very low light conditions. If it gets too dark, I break out the flash. I end to bounce the flash off walls and ceilings and blend it in with the ambient light. This gives much more flattering lighting and looks much more natural. Using a flash correctly can make or break an image. For example direct flash, just blizted at the subject, is too over powering and can make people look burn’t out! Not a good look!

3: Choose your photographer carefully

I’ve been covering weddings for over 16 years, so I have plenty of practice when it comes to winter weddings. Low light conditions in the winter can be wonderful and can create amazing photographs. However they are also the most challenging conditions for any photographer. Therefore choose a photographer with plenty of experience. Make sure you ask to view samples of their work from past winter weddings. Choosing the wrong photographer could spell disaster. Unless your photographer knows exactly what he’s doing, you may end up with dark flat images. They maybe over flashed and blown out or even out of focus! You only get one chance to get your wedding photos right, so invest in a very high quality, professional photographer.

You can view more samples of my work in my wedding portfolio on my website. If you like what you see then go to my about page to find out more about me. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation about your winter wedding today.