An amazing Indian wedding Henna evening

Anishka and Kesh’s Mehendi and Sangeet at the Great Barn, Winston Churchill Theatre at Ruislip

What a night to remember! The evening was full of colour, vibrancy, and entertainment. I had a wonderful time and more importantly, Anishka and Kesh did.

There was plenty of subject matter for me to photograph, a real feast for the eyes. The only problem I had was trying to be more selective!

However, it could have been so different as I was nearly late! I always give myself more than enough time to turn up to any events, so if anything goes wrong I have time in hand. To make my way to the Great barn in Ruislip I had to drive right across London. The traffic was horrendous and I was running out of time! My girlfriend Dawn was driving and we were within a mile of the venue when we hit more solid traffic we weren’t going anywhere. In the end, had to run the last mile with all my camera bags. I arrived at the venue dripping with sweat. It took me a good 10 minutes to recover. Importantly I’d arrived just in the nick of time to record all the evening’s events.

The atmosphere at the Mehendi was electric. So beautiful to see Anishka and all her friends and family painting the Henna on their hands, arm and feet. Lots of delicious Indian food and of course the drinks were flowing. Later in the evening Anishka and Kesh’s family and friends put on a magnificent show. Lots of vibrant dancing and funny sketches.

just below you can see a just a few sample images from the evening. If you’d like to see more samples of my work then head over to my website and click on wedding portfolio. My style of photography is natural, fun, relaxed and creative. if you love what to see then don’t hesitate to get in contact today.


Bride getting ready for indian Henna evening

Hindu bride painted hands and arms at Indian Henna night

Hindu bride chatting to friends on Indian Henna evening in London

Wedding guests chatting to hindu bride

Wedding guests greet each other at Indian Henna night

Bride shows friends her painted hands at mehendi and sangeet night

Little girl having make up applied at Indian wedding

Kid pinching mums nose at Indian Henna night

Bride groom and Mum watching dancers at Indian wedding in London

View of barn interior at Indian wedding

colourful dancers entertaining at Indian Mehendi evening

Wedding guests in bright dresses watching entertainers at Hindu wedding

Bride and groom laughing and clapping at Henna night in barn

Dancers wearing sunglasses dancing at Indian henna night

Indian wedding guests cheering and shouting

Colourful dancers performing at mehendi and sangeet evening

Dancers wearing Indian costume at Henna evening in London

Drama scene at Indian Henna night

Mums wearing colourful Indian costume laughing at Hindu wedding

Bride and groom in traditional costume laughing at indian wedding night

Performer wearing black head gear at Indian Henna night

Young boy in Indian costume at Hindu henna night

Beautiful Indian bracelets at indian Mehendi and sangeet night

Groom dancing with performers at Henna evening

Bride in green and pink with groom dancing at Indian henna night in London

wedding guest dancing at Hindu wedding night

Mothers in traditional hindu costume cheering at indian henna night

Wedding guests embracing at Hindu celebration

Wedding guests enjoying Indian food at Hindu Sangeet evening

Bride painted feet and grooms red leather shoes at hindu wedding