Here are some samples of my favorite work, telling the story of your day

I won’t dictate or boss your guests around. I will tell the story of your day, in a natural, authentic way. Capturing the moments and emotions that makes your wedding day so unique to you.

The last thing you want is your wedding guests standing around newlyweds


I certainly don’t want my couples overriding memory of the day to be spending hours with the photographer. I want the couple to remember spending all of their time with family and friends. I’m sure we have all been to those weddings where the photographer has spent hours with the couple to the point where the wedding guests don’t have any time with the newlyweds.


A different take on weddings

My take on weddings is different to the more ‘traditional style’. Here in my wedding gallery, you can see some samples of my work that are typical of my style of documentary wedding photography.


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