Of course it all starts with capturing great images but once you have those images probably the most important product I can provide for you is the wedding album.It is unique to your family.

A top quality albums provides something special, as well as been able to view your photographs, the album provides something that is solid and tactile. Something that can your children can enjoy and passed down from generation to generation,thus preserving an important part of your family history. Of course it is of benefit to have the images on a disc, but only to have your images on a disc and just storing them on a computer is the modern day equivalent of storing you wedding photographs in a shoebox.

I have gone great lengths to source the best possible products money can buy. All the albums I provide are handcrafted and are available in a range of sizes, covers and styles.

Handcrafted Wedding albums

Each album is designed in-house with as much input as you may desire. Once the design has been approved it is then sent off to the manufacturers where it is handcrafted into the finished product. If required duplicate albums maybe produced as for the parents. These can range in size from a pocket size to actual size.  

I also can provide other products such as bespoke framed montage prints and wall prints as well as canvas prints and desk cubes.

To find out more about my albums or to arrange a viewing please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Want to see some samples of my wedding photography? Just go to my wedding gallery

“My wedding albums will be appreciated by those not yet born and will provide memories for not only our children but our children’s children”

Blue wedding album
Black wedding album
Double page spread Italian wedding album
Graphi studio wedding album and box
wedding album title tag
Side view of Queensberry album
Double page spread of wedding album
Queensberry wedding album inside pages