Amazing Spanish Wedding at the Castillo de Santa Catalina

The Venue

What a fabulous Wedding in Malaga Spain in September! The venue was the amazing Castillo de Santa Catalina.

This venue sits proudly overlooking the coastline of Malaga. Built back in the ’30s, it’s Moorish style really shows off its heritage. In this area, the lovely natural light and gorgeous surroundings of the venue sets the scene for an amazing Spanish Wedding. In such a great setting the architecture, greenery, bright blue sky and stunning coastline contrast well against each other. September is also a fantastic time to have a Wedding in Malaga Spain! Hence both the venue and the timing were spot on. All I needed for a great Wedding shoot was a delightful and fun bride and groom. Well, my luck was in!

The couple at the Wedding in Malaga Spain

Enter Maria and Eoin, all the way from Dublin, Ireland. I love the Irish and I certainly love Irish Weddings. They just know how to party.

You can view a sample of photos from the Wedding in my slideshow above. Just click on the top image and away you go. However, if you prefer to see the still images just scroll down this blog.

My style of Wedding Photography

Having covered many fantastic Weddings for the last 19 years. It is always great to shoot a new Wedding venue. You can see from my images that I capture the emotions of the day, telling a unique and true story. Giving the bride, groom, and Wedding guests very special lasting memories. This style of photography is known as Documentary Wedding Photography.

Destination Wedding

If you are considering a destination Wedding in Andalusia, Look no further than Hollie the Wedding Planner for great expertise and a relaxed organized style. Hollie can advise, guide you and make your dream Spanish Wedding come true. It was certainly my pleasure to be part of the wonderful celebration and to enjoy capturing Marai and Eoin’s special moments.

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If you have enjoyed this blog and would like me to cover your big day, no matter where it is, then get in contact. I limit myself to 25 Weddings a year and so I get booked up quickly.

You can see more examples of my work in the Wedding gallery of my website plus Ketch 22 Photography blog pages. If you want to know more about the venue I have spoken about here then, please check out my other blog about the Castillo de Santa Catalina Wedding Venue


Photo of Wedding dress hanging in doorway in a Spanish Castle

Documentary Wedding photo of Bridesmaid getting ready

Storytelling Wedding photo in black and white

Bride laughing at wedding preparations

Bestman helps groom get ready at wedding

Mother of groom hugging her son during wedding preparations

Bridesmaids look on as bride gets ready at Wedding preparations

Mother applies final touches to Wedding dress

Bride putting on her shoes at Wedding in Malaga Spain

Portrai of bride with red back drop at Spanish Wedding

Groom and wedding party walking down steps

Groom and wedding party leaving the venue for ceremony

Bridesmaids in the back of mini bus at Malaga Wedding

Order of service for malaga wedding

Wedding guests wearing sunglasses in Spain

Wedding guests chatting outside church

Wedding guests arriving just prior to ceremony

Father of bride arriving in mini bus to Wedding ceremony

Bride arriving on mini bus to wedding

Father of bride walking down church aisle with daughter at Wedding in Malaga Spain

Beautiful church interior at Wedding in Malaga spain

Documentary photo of priest at Spanish wedding

Bride and groom holding hands at wedding ceremony

Brise and groom kissing at wedding ceremony

Bride and groom exit church at wedding in Spain

Bride and groom walking away from church at Wedding in Malaga Spain

Wedding guests hugging bride after wedding ceremony

Wedding guest greeting bride

Wedding guests chatting with groom

Groom greeting guests at wedding in Malaga Spain

Documentary wedding photo of bride

Bride and groom walking to church at Spanish wedding

Bride and groom walking to venue at Wedding in Malaga Spain

Bride and groom walking up steps at Castillo de Santa Cantalina

Cocktails on the terrace at Spanish wedding

Bride and groom salute wedding guests with cocktails in hand

Bride wearing sunglasses and laughing

Wedding guests at Malaga venue

tables and chairs for wedding breakfast

Canapes at Spanish wedding

Wedding guests chatting in Andalusia Spain

Table details at Spanish Wedding

Bride and groom walking outside venue at Wedding in Malaga Spain

Portrai of bride and groom sitting on steps at Spanish wedding

Portrait of bride and groom

Bride and groom making an entrance to Wedding breakfast

Documentary photo at Wedding in Malaga Spain

Bride walking through cheering wedding guests

Family of bride clapping at Wedding breakfast

Guests applauding at Wedding in Malaga Spain

Beautiful setting for reception at Wedding in Malaga Spain

Best man making speech at Andalusian Wedding

Guests listening to speech at Wedding in the Castillo de Santa Catalina

Wedding guest listening to speeches

Top table at wedding speechs

Bride and groom at Wedding speech in Malaga

Guest listening to wedding speeches

Bride making speech Castle Wedding in Malaga Spain

Wedding guests sat on terrace in the evening listening to speeches

Guests chatting at Wedding in Malaga Spain

Wedding cake at Spanish Wedding

Newly married couple cutting the cake a wedding in Malaga

Bride and groom walk on to the floor for first dance at Spanish Wedding

First dance at Wedding in Malaga Spain

First dance at Wedding receptiom

Wedding guests dancing at reception

Mother of bride gives her daughter a big hug at Castillo de Santa Catalina Wedding in Spain

Live wedding band in Malaga Spain

Guests dancing at wedding party

Parents of Wedding groom dancing at Spanish Wedding

Best man dancing at wedding reception

Bride and groom lying on floor drunk and asleep after a long Wedding day