A simple home and restaurant Muslim wedding Southall in London

As a documentary wedding photographer, I’ve covered all sorts of ceremonies over the years. Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, humanist, and Christian weddings. However, for whatever reason, the Muslim wedding has evaded me until recently. So naturally, I was thrilled to bits when Farzana and Shaun chose me as their wedding photographer for their Muslim wedding, Southall London.

As a general rule, most Muslim or Asian weddings tend to opt for a rather traditional style when it comes to the photography. However, Farzana and Shaun wanted something different. They wanted their wedding to be real and natural, capturing the personalities and characters of the day. Documenting the story and recording all the special moments.

Wedding ceremonies split over two days

Their wedding ceremony or should I say ceremonies was split over two days. The first the Muslim ceremony, which was a simple and relaxed home affair and then off Saffron D’Or restaurant to celebrate with family and friends. The second day was a civil ceremony at a wedding venue ( I shall deal with that in my next blog )

Anyway, this is their story….

Shaun and I actually met at work, both being in IT and very geeky.  We shared a love of the outdoors, and of course FOOD.  I think we went out several times as “friends” before either of us realized what was happening, I think the first time we kissed was whilst waiting for a curry order to be delivered :).

I, unfortunately, got Pneumonia over Christmas last year, and in February I was finally cleared.  As a result, we decided to go to Copenhagen for my birthday, Shaun was over there for work and I joined him a few days later.  On my birthday we started the day with breakfast and my presents, all my favourite things.  Lego, chocolate and lots of cuddles! We spent the day cycling around and Shaun kept asking me if I wanted to stop and sit down, I didn’t realize until later he was looking for a “spot”.  When I finally agreed he gave me a big hug and then told me he hadn’t given me all my birthday presents.  He took something out of his pocket … my response “Oooh more lego?” … and then he got down on one knee. 

Get in touch…

Just below are just a few images from the day. Take your time to enjoy the photographs. If you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to browse through my wedding portfolio and find out more about me. Please contact me for more details.

Bride getting ready for Muslim wedding in Southall

Muslim bride having jewellery put on during wedding preparations

Girls waiting to shower bride and groom with flowers at Muslim wedding

Muslim bride getting out of wedding car in Southall

Bride and groom enter muslim wedding reception with drummer at Southall

Bride and groom getting showered with flowers at muslim wedding

Wedding guests greeting bride and groom at muslim wedding

Wedding guest hugging bride at muslim wedding

Young girl posing for photo at Muslim wedding