What is your ideal Wedding photographer?

Learn how to find the perfect wedding photographer for your big day

I recently ran a competition asking, What is your ideal Wedding photographer?

Some of the answers I got back were very insightful and certainly food for thought. In fact, it has inspired me to write this blog.

After the wedding, you want something to remember the day by

When all the cake has been eaten, the wine has been drunk and the flowers have died. After your wedding is over you want something to remember the day by, I mean really remember it. This is when the wedding photo’s become so important and we’re not talking about a few snapshots taken by the guests were talking top quality images that faithfully record your day. Images that catch the moment, the anticipation, the joy, the laughter, the tears.

To get great wedding images you need a great photographer, but where do you start?

Firstly ask yourself….. How important is my wedding photography to me?

It doesn’t pay to shop on a budget

If you really value your wedding photographs then it doesn’t pay to shop on a budget. Just like most things whether you are buying a car or even of you are just buying a joint of meat for the Sunday roast, you get what you’re paying for. Do I want a second-hand old banger or a sleek Audi or BMW? Do I want a tasteless mass produced farm hen or a tastier free chicken for my Sunday roast? This doesn’t mean we have to pay over the odds, it just means if you spend a bit more and chances are you will get better quality and good value. The same principles often apply to finding your perfect wedding photographer. Yes, some photographers probably are overpriced but it pays to push your budget a bit further and get the photographer you want rather than the one you can afford.

Experience counts

Last year a bride contacted me asking for a price list. She pointed out that there was another photographer down the road doing the same package for £300 less. I had to point out ….How many years experience does the photographer have? When looking through their albums did they include full weddings? What is the quality of their albums and products? Most importantly what is the quality of their photography? Do the images capture the story of your day in a natural relaxed way? Have the photo’s been professionally edited to produce the best colours and tonal range?

I urged her to meet with the photographer and view his albums. She did so only to discover that his albums were rather thin and flimsy with low-quality paper. Although his photography looked great on the website he only had a few good images to show and it turned out he wasn’t very consistent when it came to shooting a full wedding. On top of that, she didn’t like the style of the photography, it was all a bit too posed and unnatural. She got back to me paid the extra £300 and after the wedding when she viewed the photo’s she was totally blown away, some of the images even made her cry. She looked at me and said I was worth every penny.


I am a documentary wedding photographer. My wedding images are natural, relaxed, creative and nothing contrived. I’m based in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire but I operate nationwide and on occasions even abroad. If you are looking for that special wedding photographer then please don’t hesitate to contact me for an informal chat about the requirements of your big day.

Bride and groom kissing at wedding in Gloucestershire

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