Wedding photography trends Beware of them

Now I’m showing my age but when I was a kid, every kid on the block wanted a Chopper bicycle. Choppers were in! Now if you didn’t have a Chopper you weren’t cool. At this young age I wasn’t consciously aware of trends.

At the time my mates Mark and Adrian DeAth, spelt DEATH rather disturbingly, were into The Tour de France and Eddy Merx. Now I didn’t exactly share their passion but we all wanted racing bikes! We were certainly not the cool kids on the block. Our racing bikes took us on great adventures, exploring villages all over West Sussex, which is where my family lived at the time. We’d be out all day on our bikes from dawn till dusk.

Today the chopper has long gone but I still have a racing bike, not that I wear all the gear etc. Then again – All the gear and no idea! The same can be said of flairs, paddled shoulders, fondues etc. The point is, things come and things go and sometimes things just remain.

The same can be said of wedding photography. Since I set my business up in 1999, I’ve covered hundreds of weddings all over the UK and sometimes abroad. Over those years, I’ve seen many changes. I’ve seen many trends in the wedding industry and they all come and they all go.

Once it was cool to have spot colouring in your wedding photos, typically the bride and groom in black and white and the flowers in some overly powerful garish colour. Then it was fashionable to take angled photos, usually turning the camera at a 45-degree angle, so the subjects looked like they were going to fall out of the frame. I must admit I fell pray to this trend for a while but I soon tired of it. Recently it’s vintage of retro trends. Shots of the couple standing in a robotic manner holding some red balloons or holding up letters of Mr and Mrs or Love or possibly moustaches on sticks and so it goes on.

Now don’t get me wrong I like a bit of vintage. In fact, I think I was vintage before vintage came along. I’ve got a 1969 vintage Freddie Grubb racing bike. I covered vintage weddings in my documentary style of photography.

Whilst all these trends are great fun and look fresh and exciting, after a while, it all becomes rather familiar and then cliché and eventually you start cringing. When that happens it’s no longer cool and another trend has gone and it’s not long before another comes along. Whilst it’s tempting to follow these trends when it comes to wedding photography the photos will date. You’ll open up your wedding album 5 or 10 years down the line and say to yourself, ‘What was I thinking?’

These images date because they are not really saying anything about you and who you are.

I’m an authentic documentary wedding photographer.  What’s documentary wedding photography? Well, a true, documentary or reportage photographer tells the story of your wedding day as the events unfold in a natural, real way. No special effects or cliché poses. The documentary photographer captures, emotions, moments, and personalities. These things are unique to you, your family and friends. It’s like no other wedding. These images are priceless and timeless.

Just below in the montage are just a few examples of my work you can view more samples on my website at wedding portfolio. If you like my natural, relaxed style of documentary photography, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Wedding photography trends Beware of them

Wedding photography trends beware of them / with bride and groom laughing

Wedding photography trends Beware of them