Wedding photographer Woodchester Gloucestershire

Claire and Paul’s pre-wedding photo shoot at Woodchester in Gloucestershire

If I recall correctly Claire and Paul came to me through a friends recommendation. They had a look at my website and liked what they saw.

Quite often in my wedding packages, I throw in a free pre-wedding or engagement shoot if they want. Some couples go for it and some don’t. Now I quite understand the prospect of been photographed puts the fear of God into some people, I totally get that. In fact, one of the main reasons I get booked is that many couples don’t want to be posed too much. They like the way I tell the story of the wedding day in a natural way. I don’t dictate, I don’t turn into that nightmare photographer, barking orders. I just let you get on with your day and I record it. Whatever happens, the fun, the tears, the emotions, you name it. I keep the formal shots to a minimum and that’s the way my couples like.

All you have to do is act naturally

Now you might think that there is nothing natural about an engagement shoot at all and you’d be right! However, the main purpose of the engagement shoot is not so much about the photos. It’s more about getting to know each other. I get to find out what makes you tick. You might be a playful couple or not, shy or very outgoing. You also get to know me more and in that way you feel more relaxed. Once you’re relaxed with me you naturally become more natural and that in turn makes great photographs.

In the picture below you can clearly see Claire and Paul having the time of their life! At first, Paul was a bit hesitant about doing the pre-wedding shoot but once he relaxed, then bingo! the pictures were great. You could tell Paul and Claire were really enjoying the experience. This all translates into better photos on the wedding day.

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Happy engaged couple laughing at Woodchester Gloucestershire




Wedding photographer Woodchester Gloucestershire