Wedding guests – Why I love this photo

I love guest watching at weddings. Guests get up to all sorts of things. In this photo, there are all sorts of things going on. The lady on the left is busy texting whilst her husband looks out the window. The young gentleman on the couch is busy drinking his beer whilst the on man the right is looking at a picture on the wall. In the centre of it all is the lady on the couch giving me a rather disapproving look!

I spend entire weddings looking for moments, not just of the Bride and Groom and their family but of guests. Every wedding has these moments and it’s my job as a documentary wedding photographer to capture them. I always find myself drawn to storytelling pictures. Pictures of a photojournalistic nature. I love the storytelling qualities of photographers such as Elliot Erwin, Martin Parr and Sabastian Salgado and many more. Elliot Erwin and Martin Parr are very clever the way the introduce humor into their pictures.

This particular image was taken at Naomi and Matt’s wedding at Elmore Court in December. Winter weddings, especially around Christmas feel really cosy , with roaring fires and candlelight.

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Technical details

Camera: canon 5d mark 3

Lens: Canon 85mm f1.8

ISO: 1000

Exposure: 1/100 at f1.8

Wedding guests killing time at wedding in Gloucestershire

Wedding guests