Tiffany and Adam’s trans-Atlantic The Square Tower Wedding Portsmouth

Just recently I covered Tiffany and Adam’s The Square tower Wedding Portsmouth. It was a real joy.

In the past, I went to school at Southsea in Portsmouth. So coming back brought back some happy memories.

I had been recommended to Tiffany and Adam by the bridesmaid Alex who attended Emily and Jacques wedding at North Cadbury Court. So a big thanks to Alex 🙂

Mostly Sunny day in Portsmouth

It was a beautiful and for the most part sunny day. The wedding ceremony took place at the main Cathedral. A big red double-decker was laid for all the wedding guests. After the ceremony, everyone clambered onto the bus and back to the reception.

The Square Tower is quite an imposing building. Located on the seafront in Old Portsmouth. It’s got quite a history. Built-in 1497 during the reign of Henry VII. The Tower is quite a fortification, constructed to keep the French out! Nowadays the French are welcome and it makes a wonderfully unique wedding venue.

Just like Megan and Harry, only better!

This Wedding was to be a trans-Atlantic affair. Much like Harry and Megan! The American contingent on Tiffany’s side and the Brits on Adam’s.There were plenty of smiles, hugs and laughter.

As I work unobtrusively and in a totally relaxed, candid manner. I was able to capture all of these wonderful moments.

You can check out the wedding highlights on my music slideshow by clicking on the top image. You can also view the photos below.

I do hope you like them.

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British and American flags at Trans-Altantic wedding

Flower girl getting ready at Portsmouth wedding

Bride shows off her dress at wedding preparations

Bridesmaid having make up applied at wedding preparation

Getting ready at bridal preparations

Bride receiving flowers at wedding prep

Bride putting wedding dress

Bride and father hugging at Wedding preparations

Groom greeting wedding guests in Church

Groom greeting grandma in church before wedding ceremony

Groom enjoying joke with best man before wedding ceremony

Bride and father in wedding car

Rolls Royce Wedding car and chauffuer

Bride smiling through wedding car window

Bride and father walking from wedding car

Priest and flower girl waiting for bride

Groom taking forst look at bride during wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony in Portsmouth Cathedral

Bride looking at groom during wedding ceremony

Bride and groom leaving the church after wedding ceremony

Bridesmaid hugging groom after wedding

Wedding guests getting on red double decker bus

Bride and groom in front of red double decker bus

Bride and groom laughing in wedding car

Bride and groom walking on beach at Portsmouth wedding

Wedding guests chatting and laughing

Wedding guest wearing black hat and green dress at reception

ctreative wedding photo of guests in black and white

Wedding guests listening to host

Detail photo of table settings at Portsmouth wedding

Page girl looking at photos on phone at wedding

Bride and groom making an entrance at The square Tower Wedding Portsmouth

Bridesmaid laughing at wedding reception

Father hugging bride at The square Tower wedding

Bridesmaid reacting to speeches at Portsmouth wedding

Father making speech at The square Tower wedding

Flower girl listening to speeches at The Square Tower Wedding

Documentary wedding photo of groom making speech

Wedding guest listening to the speeches

Wedding guests looking at slideshow

Candid photo of bride and groom at The square Tower wedding

Wedding guest drinking coffee and chatting

Bride and groom cutting cake

Bride and groom in front of venue at The Square Tower Wedding Portsmouth

Bride and groom sat on pub steps at The Square Tower Wedding

Groom kissing bride by old sea wall

Groom and Ushers on sea pier at The Square Tower Wedding portsmouth

Best man laughing and chatting at Wedding reception

Grandma laughing at wedding reception

Reportage weding photo of bride and groom laughing at first dance

candid wedding photo of bride dancing with her father at The Square Tower Wedding Portsmouth

Bride hugging father at wedding reception

Wedding guest dancing at reception

Father of bride dancing at wedding reception

Man wearing Scottish costume at Wedding

Wedding guest dancing at reception

Bridesmaid in green dress dancing at wedding reception