Rural and Yurt Weddings

Jenny and Alex’s rural and yurt wedding in Herefordshire

I first met Jenny and Alex at a Burgoyne’s wedding show. They were planning to have a very rural theme to their wedding. They wanted their day to be relaxed and above all fun! After viewing my albums they could see I was the photographer for them.

One year on, I turned up at Jenny’s parent’s house, in Hay on Wye. It was a beautiful warm July morning with bright blue skies. Jenny was busy having her hair and makeup done. The girls were rushing around upstairs getting ready. Mum and family were sat on a bench in the garden enjoying the sunshine and sipping cups of tea. Once ready they all set off on foot to the Church just around the corner. From the way everyone was dressed, not only did this wedding have a rural theme but a vintage one too.

Rowing down the river! / Rural and yurt weddings

Once the ceremony was over, it was off to the river, the very beautiful river Wye. On a cracking summers day like this, it looked all the more glorious. Jenny and Alex had arranged a rowing boat trip to the reception. Once aboard they set off to the bridge at Hay. Guests waited patiently and cheered wildly as the newlywed couple arrived. Champagne was corked and glasses filled all around.

Fully refreshed we leapt into the best man’s very classy vintage Mercedes and headed up to the reception in a Yurt on top of the hill. Castle yurts had done a magnificent job. The location was perfect and everything had been decorated accordingly.

Speeches were held with lots of joking around, laughter and free-flowing booze. Everything about this wedding was colourful, fun, and quirky. There were no shrinking violets here!

Come the evening the band arrived in their ageing blue tour van with graffiti down the side. ‘Duncan disorderly and the scallywags’ What a great name! Somehow I knew we were in for a great night.

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Best man buttons flower on grooms jacket at rural wedding

Bridal party walking down road at Hay on Wye wedding

Flowere girl walking ahead of bride at Herefordshire wedding

View of bridal party from the back of church during wedding ceremony

Groom holding order of service at wedding

Bridemaids keeping cool with fans at hot summer wedding

Bride and groom taking vows at vintage wedding

Bride and groom leaving church after wedding ceremony

Bride and groom walking through colourful arch hoops after wedding ceremony

Wedding guest hugging bride at natural rural wedding

Bride and groom kissing outside church at rural wedding

Best man waiting by wedding car at yurt wedding

Bride and groom kissing in wedding car

Bride and groom walk from wedding car at rural wedding in Herefordshire

Bride and groom walking on beach by the river Wye

Bride and groom get on rowing boat on river Wye

Bride and groom on rowing boat at documentary wedding

Wedding guests relaxing in garden

Wedding details at rural, vintage Yurt wedding

Wedding Yurt in Herefordshire

Quirky toilet sign at wedding

Bride and groom entering wedding Yurt

Quirky photo of bride and groom cutting wedding cake

Bride playing with baby at wedding

Wedding guests standing in Yurt  and smoking out of the rain

Wedding guests cheering at speeches

Bride and groom toasting at wedding speeches

Bride and groom laughing at wedding speeches in Yurt

Romantic portrait of bride and groom in rural setting

Bride and groom hugging at rural weddingVintage shoes at Yurt wedding

Bride and groom standing in front of wheat feild

Wedding guests laughing at reception

Wedding band arrive in blue bus

Natural photo of  ride and groom at first dance

Wedding guests watching bride and groom