When that special wedding date has been set, the preparations begin. Not only does the happy couple need to get into gear to arrange details of the venue and the guest’s enjoyment down to every tiny detail, but there is always a big focus on their own unique preparations as well.

The bride wants to stun everyone with her own style of beauty, in the best possible way that she can. This means the dress, hair, makeup, and accessories that have all been thought through, (often) to the nth degree!


The groom (whether he is bothered or not) needs to be well ‘groomed’ and handsome in his own unique way. Also, when it comes to grooms, I often meet some very nervous grooms and others who are as confident as anything, with no support or help needed!


During my day with Hollie and Jack at Number 38 in Cheltenham and The Cheltenham Town House. I captured some great journalistic shots of the preparations and these are three that I’ve selected here to show you.


Wedding preparation photography with groom putting tie on in mirror


Firstly, the groom looking thoughtful and sharing a moment in the mirror with his best man. I wonder what he’s thinking?!?


Wedding preparation photography with bride having make up applied


Then, the bride being pampered by a favorite and carefully selected, makeup artist. I love the angles and uniqueness of this image.


Bride and bridesmaid hanging wedding dress


Finally, this image captures the bride and a bridesmaid paying attention to the wonderful dress. Another unique moment captured. Thank goodness they hadn’t been eating jam donuts or we would all have been in a panic!


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