Be an award-winning photographer for the day!

Photography training for beginners in Gloucestershire

Although I love weddings and the photographic opportunities they bring, I feel that I want to start giving other wannabe photographers the benefit of my experience.

This way, they can learn more about the creativity that’s needed, capturing peoples expressions, being quick to document those decisive moments and of course learn more about the technical side of using a camera, to the best of their ability. Although I’m a far cry from a techie, it’s necessary to create the very best images that can be – well – created!

I’ve previously offered school students a learning week with me and enjoyed it so much. It’s great to see those light bulb moments and also their progression as they improve. It’s also fun going out and about with company and taking shots on location. The energy and enthusiasm are very contagious!

Looking for tuition to get the best out of photography

So, when Judith contacted me, looking for some tuition to improve her own recreational photography, I jumped at the opportunity and structured a day for her that would give the very best guidance for her to create unique images of her own. So a day on documentary street photography – here we go!

On the day, we spent a few hours first thing just reviewing and going through the basics such as apertures, shutter speeds, ISO settings, composition, light, and timing.

Then, after elevenses, we hit the road and headed to Gloucester Docks. It was lovely weather and good lighting, which always helps. We found that there was a real mix of characters there, which was exactly what we needed for street photography. Capturing people going about their business in all kinds of ways!

By mid-afternoon, we were back at my big Mac (my oversized screen with super editing power) and I was explaining how to edit professionally. Judith and I then edited some of her best images. She was pretty amazed at the difference it made, once you know how.

A few kind words…

Finally, my pupil (really?) went away very happy with some rather good images to add to her portfolio. Take a look at her review here….

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for my one to one camera tuition.  I arrived on the day, with no technical knowledge.  I knew the kind of picture I wanted to create but simply didn’t know how to achieve it. I had spent hours reading and following an online course, trying to understand f stops and shutter speed…. to no avail, but the time spent with you during the morning,  looking at how these are used together to create interesting and imaginative photos, suddenly made it all clear.

Then having the opportunity to go out into the town and use my new found knowledge of the rules for composition of the photos was enormous fun…I could have stayed there all afternoon! I had never heard of street photography…..I am now looking for exhibitions I can go to.

When we returned and loaded the photos onto the computer, I felt I had not really managed to capture the moment, but once we began to work through the editing process, I was amazed at how they just began to tell a story.  I am so delighted with what I achieved….just goes to show, you’re never too old to learn!!

I can’t wait to get out again and take more photos!

My plans for photographing my grandchildren on the beach didn’t happen as I forgot to pack the battery charger!!

Many, many thanks again,


Want to know more? Then get in touch

So, if you fancy being an award-winning photographer for the day, just let me know. For as little as £195 (I’m still in practice mode), you can spend the day with me and learn a great deal, plus get out and about and have some laughs as well!

We will be promoting tuition days like these very soon on my website and through Facebook. However, watch this space as we are planning to offer photography tours in a cultural, authentic, exciting and far away place, hopefully, next year!

Kids doing wheelys on bicycles at Gloucester docks

Chinese lady with shopping bags walking past graffiti

Terrier dog stood by ladies legs

Old lady walking along a street with art mural with bears

Lady on beach on wooden path

Student reading book in cafe