Photographing Kids at Weddings


Over the years as a photographer, I’ve covered hundreds of weddings. At most weddings, you can be sure that they’ll be a few kids.

As a documentary wedding photographer I love to capture natural moments as they unfold not only with the Bride and Groom and guests but with the kids as well. This requires patience, observation, timing and technical know how.

Photographing kids at weddings can be unpredictable and very challenging. However, they also do amazing and fun things as well. Left to their own devices kids are usually great at entertaining themselves. It’s at these times that I tend to get the best shots.

With my documentary approach when photographing little ones, I like to get down to their level and capture whatever they’re up to. More often then not I can get some real gem photo’s that are cherished by family and friends.

Just below you can view a small selection of some of my favourite images in the montage I have created.

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Technical info

Camera Canon 5d mark 2

Lens 24 -70 mm F2.8 L series 70 -200 f2.8 L series

Apertures Usually around F2.8 to f4

kids playing at wedding in Gloucestershire

Photographing Kids at Weddings