Never too late for love with older newly weddings laughing in car Gloucestershire


Never too late for love / Scilla & Dick’s wedding

Award-winning photo of Scilla and Dick in the back of wedding car

It’s never too late for love! especially for Scilla and Dick. It was a real pleasure to cover their big day at the Church in Bream, Gloucestershire. The reception was held at Flanesford Priory wedding venue in Herefordshire. Here is their story ……

Scilla & Dicks story

To fill in some background, my late wife Frances and I had known ‘Scilla for about 5 years through church, we had been in a study group together, and we saw her in church, bringing her mum and sitting a couple of rows in front. Frances died unexpectedly in 2012.

Sometime later, as ‘Scilla was unable to drive because of diabetes, I offered her an occasional lift.   She asked for a lift to a church event. When she asked me in for coffee afterwards we seemed to enjoy each other’s company. I engineered some invitations to meals and we were feeling more and more comfortable with each other, and enjoying being together.

‘Scilla & I decided to go to the Usk Agricultural Show, where we happened to meet my lovely doctor. She was the Medical Officer for the day. A week or so later I saw her for something routine, she asked about my lady friend, and my intentions, and said in her inimitable way “At your age, you better get on with it”.   I suppose at that stage I had been thinking of some more months getting to know each other, but I was pretty certain. So rather than wait, I asked her to marry me. It was a surprise for both of us, but both felt certain it was right.

We had deliberately kept our growing relationship from the church, not being seen together so as to avoid gossip. So a couple weeks later we were able to surprise and delight everyone with our engagement announcement.

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