Laura and Nathan’s Wedding ceremony

I’m taking you back to a mostly rainy day a Kingscote Barn Wedding back in mid-September.

Laura and Nathan decided to get married at this beautiful barn wedding venue set in the wonderful Cotswold Countryside. The Staff at Kingscote Barn are really helpful and passionate about their work, so it was great to work alongside them.

Documentary Wedding Photography

They first found me online over a year ago. After looking at quite a good number of Wedding websites and becoming rather disillusioned, they finally stumbled upon mine and loved what they saw. They were looking for an authentic style of Documentary Wedding photography. They wanted images that told the story of the wedding day in a natural unforced way. After looking at my website gallery they loved the way I conveyed humour, fun, and love in my images. They certainly didn’t want anything over posed or staged.

Rainy Wedding day

I hadn’t had a rainy Wedding all year. However, that’s OK Weddings are all about people and not the weather. There is always great opportunity’s to capture great moments come sunshine, rain or snow!

In the morning Laura and the girls got ready at Doughton Cottages just down the road. I arrived to find the usual buzz of activity at bridal preparations, what with all the makeup and hair getting done. Mum spinning around making cups of tea and Dad pacing around trying to find a quiet corner! Mum kindly offered me a cuppa while I set to work capturing all the activity on my trusty camera.

Families at Weddings

Laura eventually arrived at the venue all made up in a friends restored classic yellow VW. Laura’s side of the family was mostly from up North while Nathan’s bunch were from Swansea in Wales. Both families were full of personalities and characters. I love to see two families get together at Weddings. It’s wonderful to observe and to photograph all the family interactions.

Despite the weather, everybody was having a really great time and come the evening the party really kicked off!

Silent Clubbing

Instead of going for the traditional DJ or lie band, Laura and Nathan opted for a night of silent clubbing with headphones. I must confess this was the first time I had witnessed such an event at any wedding. I immediately grabbed myself a pair of headphones and joined in with the party phone as I went about capturing the moments. It was particularly good to see Grandma and Grandpa having a go!

View the Wedding highlights

You can view the high lights of the Wedding in my music slide show. To view just click on the top image. You can also view all the still images below. Please feel free to share the images on social media.

Find out more

Please take the time to look through my images. If you like what you see and you’d like me to cover your wedding then feel free to get in touch. You can find out more about me on my website. I tend to get booked up very quickly so please don’t hang around if you’re interested in my services.


Bride getting ready for Kingscote Barn Wedding

Bridesmaid looking in mirror at bridal preparations

Natural wedding photo of bridesmaids getting wedding dress ready

Family members getting ready for Gloucestershire wedding

Bride looking at her dress

Full length view of bride putting on wedding dress

Bride putting on her wedding dress

grandma kisses bride at preparations

Page boys onlooker at bride arrives at Kingscote Barn Wedding

Bride arrives at Gloucestershire Wedding

Bride arrives at Kingscote Barn wedding in the rain

Bride arrives at Wedding on rainy day

Flower girl making funny face at Tetbury wedding

Bridesmaid and page boys enter wedding ceremony

Bride and father enter wedding ceremony

Groom watches bride enter the Wedding ceremony

Bride and groom laughing at wedding ceremony

Documentary wedding photo of flower girl

Bride and groom kissing at wedding ceremony

Groom looks at his bride for the first look at Cotswold Wedding

Wedding guests taking photos

Brie and groom signing the registrar at Gloucestershire Wedding

Bride and groom getting covered in bubbles at Kingscote Barn Wedding

Bride and groom leaving wedding ceremony in Tetbury

Wedding guests laughing with bride at Gloucestershire Wedding

Wedding guests talking to bride at reception

Wedding guest vaping in Gloucestershire

Wedding guest laughing at reception

Best man puffing on vape stick at Kingscote Barn Wedding

Bride and groom entering dining room at wedding reception

Wedding guests welcoming bride and groom at reception

Bride looking at father during wedding speeches

Father of bride making speech at wedding

Mother of bride crying with laughter at Wedding speeches

Groom making a wedding speech

Wedding guest laughing at speeches

Best man laughing at Wedding speeches

Best man making speech at Kingscote Barn Wedding

Bridesmaid cheering at wedding speeches

Children entertainer playing with kids at wedding

Flower girl with red balloons at wedding

Flower girls posing for camera at Cotswold wedding

Flower girl having her face painted at Kingscote Barn Wedding

Flower girl playing with balloons at Kingscote barn Wedding

Wedding guest blowing vape into the air at Kingscote Barn

Portrait of bride and groom with umbrella at Kingscote Barn wedding

Page boy eating donuts at barn wedding

Page boy making strange face at Kingscote Barn Wedding

Wedding guest enjoying a cup of tea

Guests toast marsh mellows over a fire at Kingscote Barn Wedding

Wedding guests pose for camera at evening reception

Groom listening to music on head phones at wedding

Bride dancing at Cotswold wedding

page boy dancing at Kingscote Barn wedding

Page boy listening to wedding music on head phones

Wedding guests enjoy silent clubbing in Gloucestershire

Bride laughing at evening wedding party

Page boy and flower girl dancing with head phones on

Wedding guests dancing at at silent party at barn wedding

Grand dad and Grand mother enjoying silent clubbing at Kingscote Barn Wedding