Kids photography Stroud

On location family photography with Beth, Lloyd, Seb, and Jacob in Stratford Park, Stroud

I’m a strong advocate of on-location photography for kids and family. On location, you tend to get much better results than in a studio setting.

Children like to run, explore, climb and generally have fun. In comparison being in a studio is pretty dull for kids. Give them an open space outside and I’m sure to give you some great shots.

It doesn’t have to be sunny, in fact in many instances overcast is far better, as you can get the softer light which a much gentler contrast. On location, you also get a huge variety of natural backdrops to choose from, whereas in the studio you’re just stuck with one very unnatural backdrop.

For one of my location shoots, I usually start off by putting my cameras down and just chat with the kids and family. This way we can get to know each other, which in turn makes everyone more relaxed. It’s important that people feel relaxed as 80% of good photos are a result of being at ease in front of the camera. Once we got to know each other then it’s a few photos around the house and then off to your favourite location. This could be a park or a beauty spot. Once at the location, I encourage kids to do what they do naturally and that’s playing and interact with each other. This all makes wonderful moments for some exceptional photographs.

You can see more samples of my work in the portfolio area of my website.

Your kids grow up quickly so it’s important to capture those special moments. If you are looking to have your kids or family photographed then please don’t hesitate to contact me to book an appointment or you can call me directly on 0781 331 7310.


Kids playing with stick in Stratford park Gloucestershire

Kids photography Stroud