Kids at Matara Centre Wedding get up to all sorts


They do say, never work with animals or children, don’t they?

But on the contrary, as a documentary wedding photographer, I’ve been

told that some of my best images have been produced through capturing

children’s emotions. Whether they are being naughty, nice, deliriously

happy, cheeky, thoughtful, inquisitive, over the top loud or just plain

bored out of their little minds (often the case at weddings!), their

honest and playful natures can lend themselves to the very best natural



To have Children or not to have children?


I’ve been a wedding photographer at some weddings where the couple has

decided, for their own good reasons I’m sure, not to have children


However, their presence tends to both make it and break it during

different times in the day’s celebrations and in my view only adds to the

interest. But then, of course, I can walk away at the end and go back to

my peaceful life!


Favourite images from recent Wedding


So, on the subject of children at weddings, I just wanted to share with

you five of my favorite images from a recent Wedding at the Matara Centre

The first image shows a sweet little girl, wearing a lovely headdress

with pride and based on the gleam in her eyes, I think she feels like a

princess and is watching the goings on with delight.


Kids laughing at Matara Centre wedding


Then, a neat and probably very much planned line of five kids, doing as

they have (probably) been told, as much as they possibly can, but all the

same looking pretty bored!


Bored kids at Matara Centre Wedding Gloucestershire


The third lovely image captures a guest playfully blowing up a balloon,

while the little girl looks on intensely and hoping for a good result

very soon!


Kid and Mum with balloon at Matara Centre Wedding


Then – “I’m forever blowing bubbles!” They all seem to be having a very

jolly, bubbly time at this Gloucester wedding celebration.


Kids playing with bubbles at Matara Centre Wedding


Last but not least, friends and family in light conversation, while the

little girl absent-mindedly picks her nose! Or maybe she was doing it

purposely to keep herself occupied…..


Kid picking her nose at Matara centre Wedding


I hope you like them all and they put a smile on your faces. If so, feel

free to comment and like.

If you’d like to learn more about my style of Wedding photography, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

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