Guide to getting married in Italy

Italian Weddings are becoming increasingly popular and why not?  You have virtually guaranteed sunshine and stunning locations.

When couples plan their wedding abroad at some point they will most likely consider a photographer. Do they go with the resort photographer, a local photographer to the area or choose their favourite photographer in the UK and fly them out?

There are a number of elements of risk when booking a resort or local photographer. If anything goes wrong who is responsible? The resort or venue photographer? Is the local photographer insured properly? Do they speak English? How will you view images after the wedding?

Italian weddings aren’t expensive as you think

Some couples are put off from bringing a UK photographer over as it might incur heavy costs. However, it’s not as expensive as you think. I’ve covered weddings in Spain and Italy and in every case I’ve flown out through one of the budget airlines possibly Easyjet or Ryan air. Depending on the time of year, quite often the fare comes to around £60 – £100 return. Taxi from the airport and back plus one or two nights in a hotel usually comes to around £150 to £200. All in all, you’ll spend an extra £300 or so, a small price to pay for the photographer you want and peace of mind, don’t you think?

When you return to the UK you get to view a slideshow of all your wedding images! Bringing back the magic of the day! Should you wish you could then choose to have your stunning destination images displayed in a beautiful handcrafted album of your choice.

On top of all this, you might be surprised to find out how inexpensive many wedding venues are in Italy. I stayed at a beautiful location in Tuscany. They produced their own wine with plenty of room for your guests. They even had their own little chapel and swimming pool! All this and for much less than you’d pay in the UK.

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If you are getting married abroad please don’t hesitate to contact me for any advice regarding photography and feel free to view more images on my website.


Bride and groom walking through square at wedding in Italy for Italian Weddings blog