The Highs and Lows of Sierra de Grazalema in Spain

There are some amazing images of Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, just waiting to be captured out there. This is an amazing part of Spain and a real hidden gem. Before reading on be sure to watch my music slide show. To view just click on the image of the Sunset above.

New beginnings

Setting up base camp in this striking area has been a roller coaster so far, to say the least. Many more ups than downs though, but as we are 950 metres above sea level, we guess there would be! The lows are only to be expected when living in a new country and renovating an old house. Seeing the funny side is definitely a must!

With such a stunning view around every corner, the camera is always at the ready, either hanging off my neck or at hand in the car. So, I thought it would good to share some of landscape and culture we come across daily, just popping out for the weekly shop or grabbing a beer in the next village, whilst exploring the area.

Diverse and rich in culture, sometimes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the 19th century. Then, you go bang up to date when you see a local shepherd on his mobile phone or see a little pet dog with its own pink jacket.

Live like a local

Some of the villages around us are really authentic, yet at times, surprisingly bustling with tourists, even in winter. People come from the coast for day trips to see how the ‘locals’ really live and many travelers, who are seeking the real Andalucia, come for holidays or to travel through.

We love:

The mountains that surround us wherever we go

Hilltop castles

Pueblos Blanco’s – white villages

Bright blue skies


Tapas on every corner

Moorish architecture

Traditional plazas

No traffic jams!

It’s not ALL peace and quiet though. Grazalema is our nearest small town with plenty of restaurants and a real atmosphere during spring and summer, out in the square. Especially after 9 pm when the Spanish come out to play. Ronda is our nearest city and one of the most visited in Andalucía and has tapas bars, flamenco, and fiestas galore.

See the Real Spain

I’ve selected images that we are collecting from within the local area of our own village of Villaluenga Del Rosario. This gives you a little peep of the people and places that make this place striking and peaceful yet animated and definitely one big adventure.

Look out for more posts; given you, a taste of real Spain, at it’s best.

We will be looking to provide Photography workshops complete comfortable accommodation in the future. If you’d like more information feel free to contact me with any questions.


Early morning view with mist of village of Benalauria in Spain

Lady from Grazalema laughing in doorway

Eccentric Spanish woman wearing red with her daughter at Grazalema fiesta

Man and woman riding horses wearing colourful costumes at Andalusian fiesta

Images of Grazalema national park with spectators at fiesta in Villaluenga

Early morning view of Arcos de la Frontera

Images of Grazalema natural park with view of Town in the evening

Man dressed as Priest in black and white at Grazalema fiesta

Green lake, green trees, mountain and blue sky's near Grazalema

Sunrise with early morning mist over fields in Grazalema Natural Park

Girls on horse back at Grazalema fiesta

White Andalusian horse in Ronda

Brown and white goat with horns in the Grazalema natural park

Boy playing with toy gun at fiesta in Grazalema

Green bushes,rocks,bright yellow flowers and blue sky near Benocaz

Sunset view over green fields and tree with mountains of Grazalema national Park in the back ground

Laughing lady with ice pop in Grazalema sweet shop

Image of Sierra de Grazalema natural park of village of Villaluenga

View of Andalusian town of Ronda taken from the new bridge

Black and white view of Church in Zahara, Spain

Early morning view over Andalusian town of Sierra de la Zahara

Colourful banners fly above the street in Arcos de la Frontera

Spanish man and woman enjoying beer and chatting outside cafe


































Meanwhile, I would love to know what you think of the pics and whether you’ve ever been to this part of the world.