Libby and Graham’s fantastic late Autumn Wedding day

It was not so long ago back in November when I covered the Cotswold Wedding Cripps Barn Wedding of Libby and Graham in Gloucestershire.

Here are a few kind words left by the couple….

“Hi Steve, the photos are brilliant! We’ve watched the Wedding slideshow so many times. I get teary-eyed every time I watch it. Thank you so much for making us relax so much and being so wonderful!

I provide all my couples with a complimentary slideshow of the highlights of their Wedding day. It always creates a big impact and a wonderful way to view the wedding images for the first time.

How the big day went at the Cotswold Wedding at Cripps Barn

Having a Cotswold Wedding at Cripps Barn is certainly one of the great Wedding venues in Gloucestershire. It’s an amazing 18th Century Cotswold Barn with fabulous staff and wonderful food. Needless to say, it was the perfect venue for Libby and Graham to make the most of their big day. Having a great place to celebrate always helps but ultimately, its people that make Weddings. Weddings always tend to bring out the best in people at least for most of the time. As a photographer, it’s so wonderful to be invited to a big party and capture all the moments.

The pictures tell the story and as well as the slideshow above you can view the still images below. So browse through and enjoy.

Wedding preparations are a great opportunity to capture all sorts of activity. I usually two cameras on with a wide angle lens and one with a telephoto. This way I can switch between lens without losing a moment. Here I’ve captured Grand Ma ironing the groomsmen’s shirts.

Grooms Dad looking out of Window at Gloucestershire Wedding

Some beautiful side lighting falling on the Grooms Dad’s face as he looks out of the window, contemplating.

Groom getting ready at Cripps Barn

Graham the groom putting on his socks

Groom putting on shirt at wedding preparations

Grand Ma’s ironing has paid off!

Brides Dad waiting on balcony at wedding preparations

Brides Dad not quite sure what to do with himself gives me a nervous smile whilst killing time on the balcony

Bride having make up applied at Cripps Barn Wedding

Libby the bride having make up applied.

Brides friend hanging up Wedding dress

You certainly get by with a little help from your friends! Here the bride’s friend takes care of hanging up the Wedding dress.

Bride having her ear rings put on by bridesmaid

Bridesmaid checking herself in the mirror whilst doing her hair

It’s a tricky business getting your hair just right

Groom is handed a personal note from the bride whilst shaving

One of the bridesmaid’s hands Graham a personal note and gift from Libby, the bride.

Groom wells up with tears as he reads note from bride

Telling the Wedding Story

The groom can’t contain the tears as he reads the very personal note from his bride to be. I always tell the story at every Wedding but it’s capturing personal moments like this that make it extra special. Graham is completely lost in the moment here and unaware of my presence. I have shot this image in low natural light using a 35mm lens at f2.8. I use natural light as much as possible as flash can sometimes kill the atmosphere. These days top professional cameras allow you to photograph in such low light conditions. Whilst top equipment helps it’s all about the observation and timing.

Groom putting on tie in mirror

While the groom gets ready the groomsmen put on their ties.

Groom looking in mirror and putting on tie at Cotswold Wedding at Cripps Barn

Groom looking in shaving mirror

Graham resumes shaving. Still lost in the moment.

Groom putting on shoes

Groom with his grand dad's old watch in his hands

Weddings are about people

To me, Weddings are all about people. However, when an object has significant meaning it’s nice to capture it. Here the groom is getting an old timepiece ready, handed down to him by his Grandfather.

Bride wearing white dressing gown looking in mirror and putting on lipstick

Different brides do different things. Libby is obviously an independent-minded girl as she likes to do her own lipstick.

Bride and brides maid both looking in mirror at same time in two different rooms at Cotswold Wedding at Cripps Barn

I’m always on the look at for something a bit different. I love this shot as the bride and the bridesmaid are both simultaneously doing things in front of the mirror in different rooms. It took a few shots before I captured just the moment I was looking for.

The bride try to cheer flower girl up at Wedding preparations

Bride tries to cheer rather fed up flower girl 🙂

Grand mother sees bride for the first time

Grandmother sees the bride for the first time

Groom showing off pocket watch at Cotswold Wedding, Cripps Barn

Groom shows off his very special timepiece

Wedding guest greeting bride

A good friend arrives to greet Libby the bride and wish her well

Bride enjoying a private laugh with her mother at Cripps Barn in Gloucestershire

Libby enjoying a chuckle with Mum

Mother helps bride get into dress at Cotswold Wedding Cripps Barn

Most brides can take quite some time getting into their Wedding dresses. Not Libby thou. No fuss and into the dress in seconds! I had to work quickly with my trusty camera!

Mother buttoning up back of Wedding dress

Bride looking in mirror for the last time before Wedding ceremony

Just a few final touches

Bridemaids overcome with emotion as they see bride in wedding dress for the first time

Dad and bridesmaids are overcome with emotion as they see Libby in her Wedding dress for the first time.

Bridesmaid hugging bride at Barn Wedding

Dad is very happy with his parents from the bride

Dad is obviously thrilled with the wedding present his daughter has given him

Wedding guests arriving at Cripps Barn

The Wedding Ceremony

Groom taking care of his duties as guests arrive just prior to the Cotswold Wedding, Cripps Barn ceremony

Wedding guests getting off coach

Wedding guest with red flower dress grinning just prior to ceremony

Smiles and laughter all around as Wedding guests catch up with family and friends just prior to the ceremony

Wedding guests hugging

Wedding registrars issuing bride and groom final instructions

Official registrars meet with the bride and groom just prior to the ceremony. One of the registrars eyes me suspiciously. Not that I’m any threat!

Tense moment as groom waits for bride to walk down aisle

You can feel the tension in this image as Graham waits for his bride to be to walk down the aisle.

Groom breaks down in tears at Cripps Barn wedding ceremony

Its all a bit too much as Graham holds back the tears

Bride and groom looking at each other for first time at wedding ceremony

The groom can’t resist seeing his bride for the first time

Bride and groom holding hands and looking at eachother at wedding ceremony

Bestman giving groom rings

Bride gets ring stuck on finger at Cotswold Wedding , Cripps Barn

Bride gets ring stuck on Grahams finger but it just makes Libby burst out into laughter 🙂

First Kiss at Wedding ceremony

Of course, no ceremony is complete without that kiss! Although I do wish the best man was looking a bit more cheerful!

Wedding guests taking photos of newly wed couple

Oh looks like I’ve got competition 🙂 The Wedding guests often turn into the paparazzi and it never fails to amuse me

Bride and groom leave ceremony at Cotswold wedding Cripps Barn

Phew, it’s all over. You can see the relief and happiness

Bride and groom are offered champagne after wedding ceremony

The Wedding reception

And so the Wedding celebrations can begin

Bride and groom toasting eachother

Bride is greeted by flower girl and bridesmaids after wedding ceremony

Wedding guest hugging and kissing bride

Informal family photo with bride

Of course, there are family photos. I particularly like this one as it doesn’t feel formal

Emotional hug for bride by wedding guest

You can almost feel the emotion in this hug

Natural portrait of Bride at Cripps Barn Wedding

Wedding guests looking at seating plan

Wedding guests enjoying sausage canapes

Now you can’t beat a good sausage canape, especially on a late autumn/ early Winters day

Family rtealxing with drinks and canapes after wedding

Natural portrait of Bride and groom at Cripps Barn Wedding

Bride and groom in front of Cripps Barn Wedding venue

Bride and groom make grand entrance at Cotswold wedding Cripps Barn in Gloucestershire

Black and white photo of bride and groom entering dining room

Family cheer as bride and groom enter dinning room

Groomsmen share a joke at wedding reception

Wedding guest relaxing at dinner

Father of bride amuses groom during wedding speeches

Dad kicks off with the speeches and Graham the groom is loving it!

A toast at the head table at Cotswold Wedding

Groom making wedding speech

Now it’s the groom’s turn to make his wedding speech and he seems to be taking it in his stride

Dad laughing at wedding speeches

Bride laughing at her husbands wedding speech

Wedding guests laughing at speeches

Wedding speeches are a perfect time to capture guest reactions. I’ve captured this image on my 24 – 70L canon lens at about 60mm at f2.8

Groomsmen laughing at wedding speeches

Wedding guests cheering and clapping at Cripps Barn

Brides best friend and head bridesmaid making speech

Head bridesmaid and best friend of Libby also makes a speech. Not the usual at Weddings, but why stick to the convention?

Bride reacting to wedding speeches

Bride hugs her best friend after speeches

Libby gives her best friend and bridesmaid a wonderful heartfelt hug after her speech

Brides sister makes wedding speech

Brides sister makes a speech and she clearly has the comic touch

Brides sister thumps the air as she finishes speech

Wedding guest showing off photos at speeches

Best man hand out some controversial pictures!

Groom is surprised at speeches

Best man provides the groom with a little surprise!

Dwarf and entertainer arrives at Wedding reception

And here’s the surprise!

Groom is hand cuffed by dwarf at Gloucestershire wedding

Taking no chances it’s time to handcuff the groom!

Wedding guests in conversation at bar

Wedding guests in deep conversation with a pint after dinner.

Guests enjoy outside fire at Cotswold Wedding, Cripps Barn

Wedding guest laughing with bride

Bride and groom cutting wedding cake

Black and white photo of bride and groom enjoying first dance

First dance at Cripps Barn wedding

Best man hugging groom at wedding reception

Bride on dancefloor at Barn wedding

Wedding guest dancing with bride

Bridesmaid dancing with bride at Cotswold wedding Cripps Barn

Wedding guitar man plays to the camera


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