Award winning photo WPJA

WPJA Award – Scilla and Dick

Just recently I won a photography award with the WPJA. The WPJA otherwise known as the Wedding Photojournalist Association is a highly prestigious photographic organisation, which demands incredibly high standards from thousands of worldwide members. I feel very proud to be a member of the WPJA. So as an added bonus I was delighted to be awarded one of the winning photos in the wedding transportation section. You can see the photo posted below.
I’m constantly seeking to improve my standards and winning an award like this is very encouraging and it show’s that I’m moving in the right direction.

The photo is from the wedding of Scilla and Dick took place at St James Church, Bream and the reception was held at Flanesford  Priory in the Wye Valley, Herefordshire in June and provided me with one of my favourite photographs of the year. This candid shot beautifully captures the warmth, happiness and ease of their partnership, as they are transported to their wedding reception in the back of a white vintage Rolls Royce. I don’t know what they are laughing about but they shared a lot of laughter together and with friends and family throughout their special day.

I recently read that the institution of marriage is going through a bit of a revival after 30 years of decline. The report by the Office for National Statistics for 2013, shows the growth is being led by the number of couples deciding to get married later in life after many years of cohabiting or those who have found love the second time around. With the added flexibility of marriage ceremonies in the 21st century allowing couples to really personalise their wedding, you may find more invitations coming your way than expected in years to come.

As you can see for yourself by looking through my website  I don’t just simply record your wedding images. I photograph the real emotions in a relaxed, natural way. I document your wedding in an authentic way that captures true moments of occasion that tell your story that is exclusive to you. If you are looking to get married and like my style of photography then don’t hesitate to contact me or call me on 0781 331 7310.


Technical details

Camera Canon 5d mark 3

Lens Canon 20mm f2.8

Aperture & shutter speed  f3.2 at 200th secs

ISO 100


Award winning photo WPJA with older couple in wedding car