Planning your wedding day/ 3 important things you should know

Things the bridal magazines don’t tell you!


1/ Planning your wedding – Every woman’s chance to be bossy and get away with it!

Enjoy the planning, but don’t let things stress you too much. It’s your day, so whilst good planning is required, OVER planning can make things very stressful. In all my years covering weddings, I’ve never been to a wedding that runs like clockwork. If things don’t run perfectly, don’t let it ruin your day. Have fun and embrace the attention. You are the star of the day!

2/ Make time during that special day – just for the two of you.

Weddings can be tremendous fun but sometimes a little overwhelming for the bride and groom. Remember to take a little time out for just the two of you, away from your guests AND the photographer!  Even if it’s only for ten minutes, a couple of times during your special day.

3/ Don’t get Uncle Bob to shoot your wedding – no offence Uncle Bob!

If Uncle Bob happens to be a full-time wedding photographer and you love his style of photography, then you should indeed save yourself a few ‘bob’ and let him do it. But, how many of us are in that position?

However, if your family or friend is an enthusiastic amateur, then beware!  Couples often regret having a family member to do their photography.  Recently, I read an article saying ‘ We asked my uncle as he is a keen amateur photographer and our other wedding costs had spiralled. Not only did we not get many amazing captured moments, but half of the images taken were of his own family!

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